Monday, 23 March 2015

My MAC Lipsticks

Heyy :)

So since i bought my first MAC items (lipstick and prolongwear concealer), i've been hooked! The lipstick i bought (faux) is just perfection. I wear it pretty much every day!

The latest addition to my lipstick collection is MAC Brave. After spending hours looking at different swatches of the MAC lipsticks, i decided this was the one. Its pretty much identical to Faux, but is more of a pinkier colour. Again, it is a satin finish. However, i found Brave to be quite glittery. When it is first applied, it looks fine. However after a few hours of wear, i noticed glitter particles on my lips. I don't know whether all of the satin finishes are like this, but i hadn't noticed this with Faux. Nevertheless, i'm still in love with it. Its another every day colour, and i'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of this.

Another MAC lipstick that i purchased a few weeks ago is the ever-spoken about Cremecup. This is a cremesheen lipstick, which i was yet to try. I watched so many bloggers and youtubers sing this lipsticks praises, always featuring in 'top 10 MAC lipsticks'. When i first got it, I thought the colour looked amazing in the tube. Such a pretty pink. However, when I tried it on, I was pretty disappointed. With it being a cremesheen, I thought that it would be super moisterising and glossy. I found it to be quite hard to blend on the lips, and it showed up any dry patches. I would really recommend pu

tting on a matte lip balm before this lipstick (and with the satin finish ones) as it gives the lipstick a good base, and makes it stay on longer which is a bonus! Although i'm not a fan of this lipstick on its own, I think it looks great on top of MAC Brave, just placed in the centre of the lips as it gives the illusion of fuller lips. I'm sure I will warm to this lipstick, possibly in the summer when i get a tan, as i am yet to see a blogger that doesn't like it!

Finally, my first ever MAC love, Faux. This is simply THE best colour lipstick, ever. Its perfect for every occasion- whether it being every day use, for a night out or for a nice romantic feast! Its staying power is second to none- i'd probably say it lasts around four hours. And the best thing about this lipstick is that when it does fade, it fades nicely so as to look like you have a lipliner around your lips, rather than just fading in patches. I can't recommend this lipstick enough, and the shade would suit pretty much every skin tone!

I hope you enjoyed my reflection of my MAC lipstick collection, I can pretty much guarantee that this collection will be increasing within the next few months!

Bethany xo

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