Monday, 23 March 2015

My Skincare Regime

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I have combination/oily skin tone, and lately i've found these products work reallllly well for my skin type. For yearss I have had spotty, bumpy, oily skin. I tried a number of different medications to get rid of my spots, but nothing really worked. I tried changing my diet but again, it didn't do much. Within the past few months, i decided to splurge on some more 'up market' skin care products as I put my skin issues down to this (despite cleansing every day)... I'm soo glad I did! I've spent hundreds of pounds trying out different facial products, but I think I've finally found my perfect skincare regime!

In the morning, I use Clarins 'Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel'. I only purchased this last week but its a fab cleanser that wakes you up in the morning and makes your skin feel super refreshed.

One or two times a week, instead of using the Clarins cleansing gel, I use Clarins 'One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser'. Previous to this, I use to use an exfoliating cleanser every day as I was under the impression that this would solve my enlarged pores issue, however I then learned that exfoliating is only supposed to be used a couple of times a week. This is a really good exfoliate as it gets right into your pores, but is also gentle as to not aggravate your skin.

After I've cleansed in the morning, I use Clarins 'Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster'. I applying this using a cotton pad. It definitely does what it says! After application, it makes your face glowing, whilst also keeping it matte- perfection!

After this, I use La Roche-Posay 'Effaclar Duo'. Although this isn't advertised as a moisteriser, i use it for this purpose because it gives my skin the perfect amount of moisture, without being too greasy on my skin.

If I'm I've been wearing make-up during the day, I'll start off by taking a cotton pad and using Loreal's 'Skin Perfection Micellar Water'. I hold it over my eyes for a few seconds, then swipe away, and use any left over water to wipe away my face make-up. This does a great job at getting rid of eye make up, and if you're wearing a heavy coverage foundation, it helps at getting rid of the majority of it before cleansing.

I then use Clarin's 'Cleansing Milk with Genatin'. This is specifically with people for combination/oily skin, however there is an alternative for people with dry skin. I apply a small amount to the palm of my hand, rub it between my hands for a few seconds and then apply it to my face. The smell of this is dreamy. There is something about Clarins products that draws me in just by their smell. Its also amazing at removing every trace of make-up.

I then use Clarins 'Toning Lotion with Iris'. Again, this is for combination/oily skin but there is a dry skin alternative. I'm not a great fan of toners as they tend to leave a residue on my skin, but it definitely helps with removing every trace of my make-up if there is any missed after cleansing!

Again, I follow these steps with my Effaclar Duo. After this, i'll apply Clinique's 'All About Eyes' under my eyes. Although i don't notice a massive difference with this, its good at providing extra moisture under my eyes- being a contact lense wearer this is extra important!

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