Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review of L'oreal Glam Bronze Eau De Soleil

Hey guys :)

I received this in the post today so thought it would be good to do a review on it before I stash it away somewhere and forget!

I ordered as a free sample monthssss ago and I had been eagerly anticipating its arrival- finally it came, and I love it! It came as a full size sample which is a bonus. There is 20ml of product so I'd imagine it will last a pretty long time. Another benefit is that it has SPF18 so great for summer months when you need a bit of sun protection!

When it first poured it out, it's super runny but it's really easy to blend in. It only comes in one shade- which is basically a dark bronzey shade. I have fair skin, and rubbed in all over my face (only a tiny amount) it looked great. Though I imagine for those who have darker skin, a little more would build up extra colour. It's not matte, it has a slight shimmer to it, but it's not overly glittery, it just gives a nice glow to the face.


I first tried it as a contour colour under my cheeks, but I applied too much and it was really difficult to blend in just on the contour of the cheeks. I also found that it clung to my hairline slightly. I applied my foundation on top of this and it looked fab. I think its perfect for those times when you want to darken your foundation or just want to have a golden glow on your face. 


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