Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How I clean my brushes


Using brushes is great for making your make up look flawless and creating a variety of effects with, but they can be a pain to wash! I've used a variety of things including baby shampoo, olive oil, and soaps. Although baby shampoo and olive oil work great, when you have a lot of brushes to wash it can tend to use half a bottle, and when you wash your brushes once a week, it all adds up! 

I found the best thing to be soap- lmperial Leather being my soap of choice. All I do it rub my brushes around in the soap, swirl them around in my hand and rinse (repeating if necessary). I then squeeze out the excess water, swirl them on a towel, and leave them overnight to dry laying flat on the towel.

There are many specific brush cleaners out there, but I find soap works best as it is inexpensive and makes my brushes squeaky clean!

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